Helly Explore,

This program is what i call a Media Center hub. Because it works like a hub, it reads files in folders and when you want to play a file it starts a media player program (which you can choose) which then plays the file.

I am continuously developing this program as well as using it every day. So bugs are usually found quickly.

if you should find any bugs, be sure to let me know. Idea's for new features are also very welcome.

Below you will see a complete archive of all the versions there have been. Versions 1 and 2 will work (probably) when you download them. Version 3 uses API's from 2 different websites for TV shows and movies. As of November 2019 the TV API won't work anymore. It was updated to a newer version and the old one was taken offline. Starting at October 2021 all versions before 4.0.4 will have the same problem. For all versions the movies part works fine.