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HellyExplore 4.0.3 @ 07-11-2020
Another update, fixing more issues with the 4.0 release.

This time the issues were harder to fix and require another database change. This will be done on the first run of this version. It will also rename every episode image you currently have. A bit of caution here though, during testing the renaming went a bit wrong and caused some pictures to show up for the wrong episodes. Later tests showed everything going right but i thought i'd mention it. You can fix the issues by deleting the images (NO for the datbase question) and updating the show. If you don't want to do this you can backup the episodes folder and fix the images manually.

This database change will also make the program delete the played dates for episodes, as the dates are now directly linked to the episode and not the filename. So keep this in mind if you delete the series episodes from the database.

I also fixed some issues with updating the series info, and loading seasons/series with duplicate episodes . They should all show up correctly now. I also think in the last version deleting images for series didn't work correctly, but it has of course been fixed now.

Finally i added a small fix for when you're watching an episode and the date gets added to the name and the entire label is to long. It should now make the label smaller until it fits on the screen.
HellyExplore 4.0.2 @ 02-08-2020
And another one.

Found a bug in the update process of the tv-show banners. The program would stop responding if there's no banner for it on the API. Giving you a nasty error you couldn't easily get rid of.

At the same time i also discovered bugs with changing the ID's of both movies and tv-shows. It wasn't changed to the new database setup so it stopped worked. All fixed now :D