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Remember to always read the readme file. It explains most if not all of the things the apps can do. If anything in them is unclear, feel free to contact me.
HellyExplore 4.0 Alpha2 @ 26-12-2019
A critical bug was found in alpha1 that made it impossible to view a tv-show in certain situations. It has been fixed in this version.
Other fixes in this include improved connections to thetvdb.com and navigational bugs in both movies and tv-shows.
I have added logo's for DTS-X, Dolby Digital Plus, AAC and PCM to show in the movie info screen. They will only show up for new movies that are added. Old ones will contain the already found data which is not updated. Should you want to do this, simply delete the data by selecting the movie and hitting CTRL+D (or the equivalent controller combination). Then do an update.

A known bug in this at the moment is that AAC might not be added correctly. Since the program expects AAC atm and the codec might show up as AAC HC or AAC LC or something else entirely. I will be fixing this in the final 4.0 version of the program.

Unless more critical bugs that prevent you from watching something show up this will be the last alpha.
HellyExplore 4.0 Alpha1 @ 28-11-2019
I didn't want to do this, but the API from thetvdb.com didn't give me a choice. They changed and then f*cked up the API and made the TV show part of the program stop working. As i'm already working on 4.0 and have it somewhat stable atm i decided to update the tv-show API part and set it in a somewhat working state.

Some of the season banners will come out as russian atm. This will be fixed eventually by the API itself. You'll just have to delete all images of a show and update it. I have no idea when this will be, neither do the developers of the API so you'll just have to try this every once in while.
Next to this, the images for episodes are all over the place in the API and sometimes give errors when trying to access them. You won't see the errors of course, the program catches them all, it should then attempt to create the image itself. This might sometimes fail (a bug i'm well aware of and intend to fix at some point), but another update will make it create the image.

The movie part of the program is completely unaffected by this.

Do keep in mind, it's called an alpha for a reason. There are bugs in here i already know about, and there are more to be found i'm sure.