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Remember to always read the readme file. It explains most if not all of the things the apps can do. If anything in them is unclear, feel free to contact me.
HellyExplorer 4.1.1 @ 05-12-2021
Tiny release to fix some annoying bugs.

Has a bugfix for the movie info screen being out side of the screen and being unable to see it. Now shows it on the left of the movie poster when the movie is visible on the right of the screen. As it is supposed to.

Series searching turned out to not be working entirely. Some shows actually did show up on later results which were not being shown. Added an option to load the rest of the results. It will take a second to retrieve them from the API but it will load all of them. If the shows you're searching for still isn't there, it does not exist on the API.

Fixed a bug when deleting a TV-show that has no season folders. It gave an access violation error, has been fixed.

HellyExplorer 4.1 @ 07-11-2021
Yay the new version!

Massive changes this time, all of which are good changes i think.

As promised, the program now starts up WAY faster. The updating of TV shows and movies is also WAY faster. Actually, everything should be faster now. You can even use the searchmodes on startup and it won't even slow it down.
I have also changed the look of the Movies and TV-shows, i hope you like it, because if you don't you're out of luck, i'm not changing it back.

Editing the ID's of the movies and tv-shows has also been changed. The ID's are now in their own screen under their respective sections.
For TV-shows i have removed the Absolute option. I only used it for Firefly and TheMovieDB.org does not have this option so it can't be used anymore.
When you now want to change an ID, the program will do a search query on the API and show you the results. All you have to do is choose the right result and press Enter (or the equivalent gamepad button). The ID will be changed for you and you don't have to go to the website anymore to look it up! Well hopefully you don't have to, the results can be confusing at times :P.

Another promise i made in the last update was fixing all navigation issues with Movies and TV-shows. This has also been done. But in the extremely unlikely occasion that something does go wrong the navigation should fix itself and still be usable, without having to restart the program entirely.

There is also a big change in the search screen for movies and tv-shows. The buttons are now spread over 3 rows and you can enter special characters and lowercase characters. This was needed to make it possible to enter the MySQL login information, which uses the same screen ;). But it's all fixed up and working again, as i noticed the search was broken in the previous version.

Hope you enjoy the new version and not find any bugs :P.

ps. No plans anymore for a new version, will hopefully be a long time until the next update.